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Meet Henry Flagler the Dog

Hi! I'm Henry Flagler, and treats are my FAVORITE things!

I started this business and hired my mom to bake my favorite dog treats because she always adds extra love!

They’re not just delicious, they’re BARKALICIOUS!

I rescued my mom when she visited the Florida Keys SPCA in September 2012. I knew she was the one for me because she thought I was cute even though I really needed a bath! 


The best way my mom shows how much she loves me is by baking me all-natural, hand-made treats with human-grade ingredients. I have something called allergies, and my mom says making my treats herself

stops me from itching. Yay!


They taste so good that I wanted to share with all my canine pals. So in July 2021, I told my mom I wanted to start Henry's Barkalicious Dog Treats - and here we are!

We hope your pups enjoy our treats as much as I do!

- Henry Flagler the Dog

From Henry's Mom:

Sadly, Henry Flagler crossed the rainbow bridge on January 12, 2022.

My heart broke that day, but his legacy lives on

in the love he shared and in the business he inspired.

I love and miss you, my boy. My sweet, sweet boy.

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